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Drawn By Stones

Venue: Watch This Space 8 Gap Rd, Alice Springs
Opening: 5.30- 7pm Friday 22 July 2022

Drawn by Stones brings together artists who utilise the ceramic medium to interrogate contested histories, stolen land, sovereignty, and national identity. Exhibiting artists from Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan investigate ‘nationhood’ and ownership through ceramics and demonstrate how the ceramic form can both memorialise and tell alternative histories. Drawn by stones’ participating artists are: Dean Cross, Ray Chan See Kwong with Chuen Lung community members, Ruth Ju-shih Li, Wen-Hsi Harman with Lakaw, Dogin, Palos, Lisin and Byimu and Jody Rallah. Drawn by stones is curated by Bridie Moran with Assistant Curator Annette An-Jen Liu for 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Drawn by stones is touring nationally throughout 2022.

Image: Ray Chan See Kwong, NEW RE NEW (detail), 2018, 49 teacups: various local Chuen Lung clays, glazed and fired; produced as part of the 2018 public art and community project Hi! Hill!, by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Organised by the Art Promotion Office with Curatorial Partner (art in-situ): Make A Difference Institute, Hong Kong; courtesy the artist; Mounted on River bench, recycled spotted gum bench and assorted hardwood legs, wax, by Bryden Williams of Mount Framing, commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, 2021; photo: Christian Capurro for Drawn by stones, presented by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art at Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, 2021

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