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Venue: Tangentyere Artists, 16 Fogarty St, Alice Springs
Opening: 5:30pm Wednesday 20 July, 2022

earth:Country – from the ground to the sky is an exhibition of female First Nations ceramicists, presented in conjunction with Apmere Mparntwe, 16th Australian Ceramics Triennale.

It will be shown at Tangentyere Artists in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and include artist representation from every state and territory.

First Nations curator Lisa Waup has invited 15 sculptors to exhibit, all of whom's works create an innate connection to Country. Through the materiality of ceramics, which itself comes from the earth, these artists tell their stories of Country as an expansive living being that includes the sky, ground, waterways, mountains, forests and desert.

These stories come into being through the process of using earthen materials and guiding them in one's hands, so that each object forms a direct relationship between the artist, their story, Country, and culture.

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