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Greg Daly - Glaze workshop

9:30AM Saturday 16 July, 2022


CDU 10 Grevillea Dr, Sadadeen NT 0870


Introduction to glaze covering what a glaze is, what constitutes a glaze, how to develop and change a glaze. Raw materials, firing and tools to change, develop glazes. eg line blends, triaxial & square blends. How they can be used in different ways for specific outcomes.

Colour blends, how to mix 28 glazes in 30 mins. Colour blends are about developing colour in glazes. A practical demonstration of how to do line & colour blends. Another testing tool is taking eg; 5 glazes to find out what 5 glazes respond under & over each other in a simple 3 minute application test.

Greg has published two books on glazes, “Glazes and Glazing Techniques” 1995 & "Developing Glazes” 2013.

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