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Makers Film Festival

6.30pm- 9.30pm Monday 18th July


Araluen Arts Centre


This new collection of films focuses on how we employ the dexterity of our hands to create functional objects, art and to tell the stories of our lives. It encompasses a broad range of craft, design and making disciplines presented in mini documentaries, story-led artist profiles to ingenious animations and music video. Selected from near and far, the films spotlight the everyday habits and skills of ‘makers and smiths’. They reveal what drives enduring professional practice, and illustrate a diversity in film-making creativity and genre as much as the traditional and contemporary craft approaches.

Disciplines and techniques include: Basketry, Ceramic Art + Pottery, Costume Design + Making, Fibre Art, Glassmaking, Jewellery + Metalsmithing, Pearl Carving, Puppet Making, Screen + Block Printing, Sound Design + Making, Stop Motion Animation, Textiles, Weaving, and Zoetropes.

Tickets available via Araluen Arts Centre:

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