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Anni Hagberg

Ngkerreme - Quick Chats
Date/Time 3:30PM-5PM Thursday 21 July 2022​
Venue: Witchetty's Forum

Anni Hagberg is an emerging visual artist and ceramicist based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. Hagberg’s practice investigates material agency through the ceramic firing process, and she is particularly interested in combining waste matter with traditional ceramic components to explore unpredictable material encounters.

Hagberg has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in 2020 and is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art (Research) at RMIT University. Hagberg was a finalist in Craft Victoria’s 2020 Fresh! exhibition and has been a recipient of both the Design Files Emerging Maker Award and the John Wardle Architects Craft Prize. In addition to Craft Victoria, Hagberg’s work has been exhibited with galleries such as Neon Parc and West End Art Space in Melbourne and showcased in publications including the Journal of Australian Ceramics, The Design Files, Art Almanac, and Art Edit Magazine.


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