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Billy Bain

Funny that
Date/Time: 2PM-3PM Friday 22 July 2022
Venue: Araluen Theatre

Billy Bain explores representations of Australian masculinity through his playful destruction of perceptions of the Australian male. By interrogating and subverting representations of the Australian male in both popular culture and the everyday suburban life he exists within, Bain seeks to create works that humour our Australian sense of identity. By “taking the piss” out of these perceptions of who he is expected to be, Bain reclaims power and autonomy over his sense of identity as an Indigenous man. Bain’s interpretation of suburban life is subtly autobiographic, with each of his characters embodying a piece of the artist’s personal experiences.

Using his own brand of dry humour, Bain’s work transcends between being both celebratory and critical. This humour is communicative of his inner conflict when dealing with and unpacking the dualities of being a young Indigenous man in a community and country where Indigenous identity and representation has been systematically denied.

Billy Bain completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2019, graduating with first class honours from the University of New South Wales. He is currently based at Avalon Beach where he creates work from his home studio.



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