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Colin Hopkins

Date/Time: 1PM-3PM Wednesday 20 July, Thursday 21 July, Friday 22 July
Venue: Central Craft Studio

“My ceramic process fuses all the risk taking and immediacy of an improvised musical performance with the equal and opposite desire to create a meticulously resolved architecture of tactile durability”.

Having completed his secondary education at Melbourne’s Trinity Grammar School, colin Hopkins went on to pursue his interest in contemporary music performance, receiving a Bachelor in Improvised Music from The Victorian College of the Arts.

His development of a personal musical language ultimately broadened to include the long-term study of architecture at Melbourne University. After an extensive period of travel spanning Europe and Asia, he recently merged his dual passions for music and architecture into a hybrid ceramics practice.

Working from the Abbotsford Convent at Cone Eleven Ceramics Studio (founded in 2008 with Ilona Topolcsanyi) Hopkins established ‘Porcelume’ with the assistance of The Australia Council for The Arts in 2012 specifically to produce a high quality, hand thrown and large-scale ceramic lighting range. In addition to developing his ceramics practice, Hopkins continues to perform regularly as an improvising pianist at venues that include The Melbourne Recital Centre whilst also maintaining a small architecture practice centred on the exploration of passive, thermo-efficient design principles.



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