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Dee Taylor-Graham

Funny that
Date/Time: 2PM-3PM Friday 22 July 2022
Venue: Araluen Theatre

Dee Taylor-Graham is an artist, educator, and writer with a passion for the crafts and a belief in the importance of doing it like you mean it. As a young(er) peripatetic potter, Dee cut her teeth - Studying / making / teaching / mucking about - at COFA, the Jam Factory, Sydney College of the Arts, The New York State College of Ceramics (Alfred University), and Sturt Craft Centre.

He/r love of ceramics grew as much from an immersion in the community of potters, as from the pleasures and challenges of making.

He/r practice is rooted in the deeply held belief that pots, in and of themselves, are NOT art; rater, they are agents for exchange. It is in that exchange that the real art lies.

In 2013, Dee moved to Tasmania to start he/r own art school - a place where other peripatetic potters might come to spend a while. Waldie's School for the Ceramic Arts, otherwise known (only semi-ironically) as the Feminist Utopia now is home to a creative community where gardens and food find a place alongside the making and the reading and the talking and the doing. Come and join the FUN.

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