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Ebony Russell

Date/Time: 3:30PM-5PM Thursday 21 July 2022
Venue: Central Craft Studio

Ceramica Maxima
Date/Time: 11:15AM-12PM Friday 22 July 2022
Venue: Araluen Theatre

Challenging the established perceptions of cultural and artistic practices, once exclusively coded as feminine thus insignificant, Ebony Russell’s work celebrates the decorative, promiscuous aesthetics and politics of purity; the superficial, excess, and delight – with pleasure.

Russell creates porcelain sculptures that explore the nostalgia and desire imbued in collected objects. Using an experimental construction method to produce sculptures made solely of piping, a technique usually reserved for the cake decorating craft of royal icing, Russell has developed a way of creating forms that seem to defy their own making. In creating each work, Russell incorporates confessional and autobiographical elements into her artworks to recreate her lived experience through a feminised craft.

Ebony completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Honours) at Monash University in 2003, graduating from The National Art School Sydney with a Masters of Fine Art in 2019. Russell has won many awards including the Fanz International Rising Star Award in 2018.

Russell’s work has been shown in major exhibitions including Clay Dynasty, the Powerhouse Museum Sydney 2021; The 66th Blake Art prize, 2020; Ceramica Maxima, The JamFactory 2021; Midnight Garden, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, 2020; and The Backbone of Things, Te Auaha Gallery, Wellington.


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