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James Lemon

Ceramica Maxima
Dates/Time: 11:15PM-12PM Friday 22 July 2022
Venue: Araluen Theatre

James Lemon, born in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and living in Melbourne, Australia since 2012, creates tactile, dynamic ceramic wares that traverse contexts of art and design. They uniquely reflect his humour, physical gestures, and broader social and philosophical concerns. References to religion, pop culture, insects, and global ceramic forms are weaved in his typically colourful, highly textural, and sometimes slapstick works.

While he primarily works with clay, James often embeds other objects such as bricks, precious stones, and discarded ephemera to develop his expressive, sculptural vernacular.

James has collaborated with a range of institutions and individuals in diverse settings. He has developed exclusive collections for the respective design stores of The National Gallery of Victoria and Heide MOMA and has featured in publications such as The National Gallery of Victoria Magazine, Architectural Digest, Vogue Living, Vault Magazine, The Design Files, Yellow Trace, Real Living Magazine, The Journal of Australian Ceramics and Broadsheet.


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