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Jody Rallah

Clay Collaborations
Date/Time: 1PM-2PM Thursday 21 July 2022
Venue: Witchetty's Forum

Jody Rallah is a Yuggera, Biri Gubba, and Warangu person of the Brisbane and Bowen regions of Queensland.

Rallah is an Indigenous Australian artist who works with a variety of mediums and practices, particularly across object making, sculptural installation, painting, sound, and performance in the expanded field. Rallah creates knowledge vessels by responding to conversations spanning between generations. Making work informed by ideas exploring the aliveness of materiality, using vessels as living embodiments.

The artist explores methodologies of haptic making grounded in lived experiences to model a framework for shared engagement which celebrates exchange. By opening dialogues of exchange and celebrating cultural wealth Rallah enquires about how materiality and experience can affect relationships between peoples, place and time.

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