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Mike Hall

Ngkerreme - Quick Chats
Date/Time: 3:30PM-4:25PM Friday 22 July 2022
Venue: Witchetty's Forum

Mike Hall is a writer and part-time potter who lives and works on Guringai land (Scotland island, north of Sydney). He took to clay late in life, after his children left home, partly inspired by a series of interviews with artist-potters. He began working on the wheel with local clay and found materials, firing in a gas kiln he built with his son.

Wheel-thrown functional ware, made with commercial clay bodies and sold to members of the island community is an important part of his practice. He continues to experiment with found clay and materials in slips and glazes.

Mike was born and raised in Malawi in Central Africa. His ceramics practice strengthens his connection to his local environment, which he explores frequently as a keen bushwalker.

He serves on the board of The Australian Ceramics Association as Treasurer.

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