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Penny Evans

Place Makers
Date/Time: 3.30PM-4:30PM Wednesday 20 July 2022
Venue: Araluen Theatre

Penny Evans is of Gamilaroi descent, with her mother’s family originating from northern Gomeroi in North Western NSW. For her, their history is not the distant past, she is the culmination of it and embodies it.

Practicing for over 35 years, Penny’s focus is on identity, country and decolonizing; her practice a process driven enquiry. Her artwork creates a trail over time which marks and illustrates her decolonizing journey back to who she is, who we are, back to country and back to country within. It is a lineage of ideas, a mapping.

Penny’s interrogation is through the process of making, it’s about DNA mixed with ideas gathered from many people, places, from country and kin. Her work, always multi-layered, is a legacy for her family.

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