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Rona Rubuntja

Funny that
Date/Time: 2PM-3PM Friday 22 July 2022
Venue: Araluen Theatre

Rona Rubuntja of the Hermannsburg Potters’ joyous style is distinctive, humorous and imaginative. Rona is a deaf and non-verbal person, and uses the medium of pottery to tell stories of her life. Her work is inspired by contemporary life in Ntaria, and often includes depictions of cattle and brumbies roaming country, heading out to the outstation in a Toyota, swimming and collecting bush tucker with her extended family.

Rona joined the Hermannsburg Potters in 1998, and has since established herself as one of the most prominent senior artists of the group, participating in over twenty exhibitions in Australia and internationally, including the highly acclaimed exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria Our Land is Alive: Hermannsburg Potters for Kids in 2015/2016. Born in 1970, Rona is the niece of famous water-colourist and elder Wenten Rubuntja.

Rona's work was shortlisted for the Telstra NATSIAA's in 2021 and she her work has also been shortlisted in The Design Files Awards for 2021. Rona Rubuntja's work was selected for the prestigious Shepparton Art Museum Indigenous Ceramic Art Award three times, winning second place in 2008 for her work Palm Valley Muster.


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