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Sophie Moran

Drawn by Stones
Date/Time: 10:30AM-11:15AM Friday 22 July 2022
Venue: Araluen Theatre

Melbourne potter Sophie Moran is well known for creating quality, contemporary tableware.

In a career spanning over twenty-three years, she has maintained a consistent, independent studio practice. Her approach to selling pottery has evolved and adapted in response to the ever-changing market. Diverse activities, including consigning, wholesaling, participating in events from local craft markets to large-scale design markets and collective retail spaces, both short term and long, have helped establish her reputation. Her current approach includes online sales, corporate and private commissions and select, collaborative projects.

Concurrent to making pottery Sophie has maintained a self-styled writing practice on the subject of ceramics. She has written articles for printed publications, such as The Journal of Australian Ceramics and Ceramics Monthly. Her blog, Six Hundred Degrees, reached a global audience from 2008-14 and her Instagram account, started in 2013, now boasts over 44 thousand followers and continues to give voice to her views on the value of handmade objects in an increasingly disconnected world.

When pressed on the subject of success in business Sophie surmises that honesty, hard work, creativity, flexibility and a singular focus and passion for your craft are the bench stones to career longevity.

Instagram @sophiejanemoran

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